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Venture Fund Objective

The objective of the venture philanthropy fund is specific:  to develop high, measurable impact innovative medical devices applicable specifically to the Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP) environment, implementing through sustainable and profitable business organizations to generate financial return for the investors. The investment strategy is fundamentally guided by sound business discipline, technology merit and commercial sustainability, specifically in the BOP environment.  The SV management team will work closely with the portfolio companies to guide them to and through the exit where the medical devices would make the highest positive social impact for the BOP population.

Venture Fund Structure

The fund is structured as a Limited Partnership with Simple Venture, LLC, as the General Partner. The General Partner is currently seeking Limited Partner investments. The offering is, at minimum, a $5 million of Limited Partnership interests. The Limited Partners will have significant representation in the Advisory Board and Investment Committee.


The SIMPLE Venture fund offers investors the opportunities to literally save lives while preserving their capital with financial return. This high impact investing, for example, can save up to 15,000 pregnant mothers and infant lives per year in Africa by the timely diagnosis of placenta previa by an innovative mobile phone ultrasound technology. A mobile phone based colposcopy and treatment unit can save the lives of 190,000 women per year in the developing world by preventing invasive cervical cancer.

The investment in the development of these innovations is beneficial socially and financially; each life saved is priceless.


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