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Fourfold Mission

SIMPLE Ventures (SV) is a venture philanthropy fund that develops high impact medical device innovations to improve the health care of the people living in the Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP) environment. SIMPLE Ventures addresses four important challenges in the BOP healthcare space:

Addressing the Issues

The management of SIMPLE Ventures is in a unique position to use the fund to address all four issues above. The SV management has the expertise, knowledge, desire and determination to develop innovations in medical devices from young scientists and to deploy them for measurable impacts in improving the health care for the people living in the BOP environment. While SV is charitable in its mission, it is not a charity. The investment is implemented with vigorous venture professionalism through sustainable businesses that aim to preserve the investors’ capital and provide a return for the investors. This business model is a distinct departure from the traditional granting model of social financing, where the investment is never returned.